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J. Michael Kelly wins HAPO Columbia Cup after controversial final

Courtesy of the Tri-City Herald

KENNEWICK, Wash.--- J. Michael Kelly, driving the U-5 Graham Trucking, was named the winner of the 2016 HAPO Columbia Cup on Sunday after a controversy-filled final.

Fans might have left the shoreline of the Columbia River thinking that Jimmy Shane drove the U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank to victory.

Shane had been driving in Lane 1 of the five-lap final, when he and Jean Theoret in the U-16 Oh Boy! Oberto — driving in Lane 2 — collided in the turn.

Race officials immediately handed Theoret a one-lap penalty.

Shane went on to finish the race, crossing the finish first, with Kelly right behind.

But after the race, H1 officials reviewed video and reversed the call, saying Shane slid out from Lane 1 and hit Theoret, who was actually ahead of Shane in the turn.

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